I’m Colleen Whitlow, and I’m running for the office of Mayor. In the final days of this election, I’m asking for any undecided voter to cast their vote in support of me as your next Mayor of Mead.

A vote for me is not a vote against my opponent. Should I gain your vote, my opponent in this election will still continue serving on the town board. We’ve both been trustees before for 4+ years, we’ve worked together, voted together, and we can work together again. This election is not just about winning this race, but about doing what’s best for the Town of Mead moving forward.

My opponent wants to work together to make a positive difference - as do I.

I hope I’ve earned your vote with my experience: Look at my record as listed on my website, I have more experience than my opponent. Much of that experience working for Mead was in addition to being a Town Trustee. I have always had a volunteer heart and have served in a multitude of community involved organizations to help better the Town of Mead for its residents.

I am a fiscal conservative. A vote for me means the Town of Mead will also not have to spend any more money to fill vacancies on the town board until our next town election in 2020. A vote for my opponent means another board vacancy. I was a close second for the job when you voted in April. I thank the voters of Mead who had put me within 52 votes of the Mayor job back then. And I’m dedicated, which is why I decided to run again for the same position after voters spoke in support earlier this year of again putting this to the voters when the mayor resigned shortly after the last election.

And I’m asking even more of you now to vote to entrust me with the position of Mayor of Mead, working positively on behalf of YOU. I ask that you read the letters of support for me on my website. I have the confidence of many current and former Mead trustees, many elected officials from the surrounding communities, as well as many town citizens.
I also am a Veteran and will continue to conduct myself with Honesty, Integrity and Commitment. Let’s end the nastiness that is often found in politics and elections.

Thank you for your time, and I ask for your vote.

Colleen Whitlow

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