Letter to Mead Residents

I have been quiet too long as lies and rumors have been spread around the community and county.  I hope you take the time to read what I have to say.  I have put this information out before and Jim and I have tried to set the record straight several times, but we still have people that insist on changing the facts and pushing more lies.

I will be very clear on this; neither Jim nor I want to open a marijuana shop in Mead or any other location.  Neither of us partake in its use and we do not support its use for recreational purposes.  Although Colorado law states it is legal, it is still a federal offense and not allowed in most major companies.

The thing about this country and what Jim and I have fought for is the right and will of the people. This is not a Socialist country, this is not a Dictatorship, your personal views and thoughts do not matter as a public official.  You are there to do the will of the people and if the will of the people and the majority would like to have something that is what you are obligated and committed to do. 

With that said, the town board is entrusted to ensure the solvency of the town’s budget and to find ways to increase revenue without increasing our taxes. 

I would like to present the EXACT board meeting minutes that started this entire conversation.

March 14, 2016 Board of Trustee Meeting

Item 13.   Town Trustees

Trustee Whitlow requested an update on the next Eastside Neighborhood meeting. Town Planner Jennifer Vecchi gave an update.

Trustee Cartwright thanked the Board and staff for the sympathy plant he received from the Town.

Trustee Schranz  asked  the Board  if they  would  be interested  in researching  the  possibilities  of repealing the ban on medical and recreational marijuana. The Board and staff discussed marijuana. Majority of the Board agreed to have staff research the pro and cons of medical and recreational marijuana and bring the information back to the Board at the next meeting for further discussion.

April  25, 2016 Board of Trustee Meeting

Trustee Schranz asked Interim Town Manager Mike Segrest if there was any further information on the research for the legalization of marijuana sales. Interim Town Manager Mike Segrest discussed the reports shared with the Board of Trustees.  The Board and staff discussed marijuana.

Motion was made by Trustee Schranz, seconded by Trustee Whitlow, to direct staff to draft an Ordinance  to  repeal any  previous bans  established  by  Town  Ordinances,  clearly  define medical dispensary, recreational dispensary and grow operations by statute, identify  specific locations within Town limits where medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries and/or growth operations can be permitted, these should be places away from houses and schools, and identify any municipal code revisions required or necessary. The Board and staff discussed  the issue further. Trustee Schranz, Whitlow, Kraemer and Palaszewski voting yes with Trustees Hatch, Cartwright and Mayor Shields voting no. Motion carried 4-3.

The Board and staff continued discussing the issue. They discussed a date for a work session. Interim Town Manager suggested having a work session before drafting an Ordinance to give the Board an opportunity for further discussion and to give Town Attorney Rick Samson direction regarding the Ordinance.

The motion was amended with Trustee Schranz and Trustee Whitlow agreeing that the Board have a work session on June 6, 2016 at 6:00p.m. on the legalization of marijuana sales. All Board of Trustees are in agreeance of the amended motion. Motion carried 7-0.

June 13, 2016 Board of Trustee Meeting

Motion was made by Trustee Whitlow, seconded by Trustee Cartwright, to table Agenda item 6a) Direction to Staff Regarding Ban on Marijuana Sales indefinitely. Trustees Whitlow, Cartwright, Schranz, Hatch, Palaszewski, and Brodhead voting yes with Mayor Shields voting no. Motion carried 6-1.

As you can read above I never initiated any of the motions except to table the agenda item to which 6 of the trustees voted yes.  The initial motion and discussion was initiated by Herman Schranz and the initial motion carried 4-3 with the additional change motion to pass 7-0.

My question becomes why did people come after me over marijuana and not the other members?  What was the motivation behind the attacks on Jim and I. 

We have been berated by several people telling residents that we are destroying the town.  I have done nothing but try and push the town forward and shed a great and positive light on everything we do.  I would ask you to please reach out to either Jim or I if you hear anything about these rumors so we can clear them up.

Thank you.

Colleen G. Whitlow