What is Important to Me


"A First-Choice Quality of Life Community set at the base of the Rockies, the Town of Mead is founded on its small-town community character, diverse economy, friendly neighborhoods, strong connectivity, dynamic parks, recreation and open space, expansive natural and agrarian setting and thoughtful community planning, facilities and services." - Town of Mead Comprehensive  Plan

  1. Financial Responsibility
    As Mayor I will uphold the same promise and values as I did while a trustee for The Town of Mead, to ensure every dollar is spent wisely and is accounted for. I stand by my belief that the Town's priorities are resident safety, school issues of all regards, roads, and infrastructure. Your hard-earned tax dollars should be focused on these identified priorities.
  2. Quality of Life
    I have been a resident of this town for almost 20 years and love it just as much now as when we first moved here. The quality of life it provides was attractive to us as I am certain it is to many other residents who have relocated here. As Mayor I will work in parallel with the other Trustees to ensure the community remains a small town and that Mead is a safe and respected place to live.
  3. Private Property Rights
    I am a firm believer in the Constitution and the rights of US citizens. The Founding Fathers believed that private property ownership pre-existed government. The state and federal governments were the contractual agents of the people, not sovereign lords over them. The Federal Government does not have the right or authority to dictate how you use your privately-owned property. As Mayor I will again uphold the same promise and values I did as trustee and I will work hand in hand with property owners to ensure fair and just treatment.
  4. Support Business
    During my four-years as President of the Mead Chamber of Commerce I have made it my mission to promote and advocate for our local businesses. As Mayor I will continue to push for businesses on the I-25 corridor. Mead is a unique location with two I-25 exits; this sets us apart and should provide us with opportunities to attract more retail to the area. We need to leverage our location, work with businesses, and promote this great town.
  5. Responsible Growth
    Growth is inevitable and cannot be stopped. We can research measures to control it and its impact on our community. As Mayor I will continue to push for responsible growth that will preserve our small-town feel while providing businesses the opportunity to succeed.
  6. Public Safety
    The safety of the residents of Mead is and always has been my number one priority. As our town grows the need for law enforcement increases. The burden put on our first responders as a result of this growth is becoming overwhelming. My awareness and dedication to this cause is why I became a member of the Mountain View Fire Rescue District Board. As Mayor I will continue work to ensure the safety of our community, its residents and the businesses. My goal is to have Mead spotlighted as the safest community to live in Colorado.
  7. Government Transparency
    Ensuring transparency in all actions of the town board and staff is important. I advocated for having all town board meetings recorded thus providing town residents access as well as an established permanent record. My promise to everyone is that we will only convene an executive session when no other alternative is available. I commit that the board will adhere to Colorado Revised Statutes 24-6-402 (4) when and if the need for executive session occurs.
  8. Grow Our Economy and Jobs
    During our comprehensive plan process, we found that 97% of Mead residents left the area to work and provide for their families. On the flip side, 98% of the jobs in the Mead area are filled by people outside of our community. My vision is to work with the business community to create more job opportunities in Mead.
  9. Foster Education
    I am a proud supporter of our Mead schools and both of my children attended school here. It was one of the main reasons we moved to Mead. I am also of the belief that education is not and should not be a one-size fits all approach for our children. There are numerous learning styles and valuable paths to a solid educational foundation. Parents and caregivers know their children best and they should be empowered with choices to educate and embrace educational innovation. When education is put back into the hands of educators and parents, our children win.

Together, we can build a Better Mead for Everyone!